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  polylog can only be as good, current, and interesting as the material made available to us. Without broad support by our readers, the results will be only fragmentary. Each suggestion for improvement, each reference to an event, literature, web site, etc. is most welcome and an absolutely necessary form of collaboration.


  Further, we would be pleased to find additional persons interested in contributing to the editorial work itself. Contributions that will be published must be edited, and marginalia and supplementary material (e.g., author information) need to be taken care of. Since much of the editorial work takes place over e-mail, collaboration can easily be either long-term or on an ad hoc basis. For example: It would be quite helpful if someone would take responsibility for editing a part of the English or Spanish texts. Please feel free to contact us without obligation, so that we can begin to discuss possibilities.

text formatting
technical work

  Work in the formatting of texts is particularly easy to delegate. If you have some background in HTML and interest in technical work, your help would be much appreciated by our technical staff. We are all principally philosophers, who must first acquire the technical knowledge to be competent in this area. You surely need not fear, therefore, that your technical knowledge will not meet our standards.


  The demand for – as well as the reality of – the many voices of intercultural philosophy, and thus their many languages, has already been reduced to three languages in this forum. This in itself is lamentable, yet even this goal is at present only partially realizable. Translation is extremely valuable work, yet also very time consuming and has already contributed to the overtaxing of the editorial staff. In other words, translators of either shorter or longer texts are always be needed. Perhaps this task would be of interest to you...

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